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Dedicated to your peace of mind

A 300-year-old story, a space filled with memories and images in every corner. A space that combines history with comfort, relaxation with hospitality, and highlights the aristocratic beauty of traditional architecture.

A building that stands emblematic and proud in a central location of the village “Myriokefala” of Rethymno. Fully renovated, with comfortable and warm spaces, with two floors that can be rented separately.

The mansion can accommodate up to 10 people and includes a fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, terrace with barbecue and seating area overlooking the valley.

There is also a garden for coffee, walks and relaxation.

A great proposal for a peaceful and hospitable holiday.

The village of Myriokefala is located 33 kilometers southwest of Rethymnon, on the northwestern slopes of the “Kryoneritis” mountain at an altitude of 500m.

Its name comes from the many hills where the village is built.

Myriokefala has been inhabited since the 10th century.


The area 

Enjoy all days of your stay in our accommodation and explore the best locations.

In the area of Myriokefala you can visit the Holy Temple of Panagia Myriokefala, which is located in the village and is one of the oldest churches in the prefecture of Rethymno, with frescoes dating back to the 10th century. It has been established as an important pilgrimage site due to the sanctity of the space as well as the devotion shown by Christians to the miraculous image of Panagia Antiphonitria. It celebrates on September 8th and there is a big festival.

In the village there is also a spring with abundant cold water, which according to tradition was created by the hand of Ioannis the Hermit, who touched the ground and water began to gush from five points (his fingers). This water is considered holy.

Panagia Antiphonitria

Also, if you enjoy hiking, you can visit the trail located at the top of Mount Kryoneritis in a stunning landscape at an altitude of 1310 meters. Mount Kryoneritis is named after a water source located within the specific location.

The highest peak of Kryoneritis is known as “Agio Pneuma“, a name that is due to the existence of a similarly named chapel on the specific peak.

Finally, it’s worth visiting the archaeological site of Ancient Lappa, located 8 km east of Myriokefala. Ancient Lappa was a strong city said to have been founded by Agamemnon. Today, the same location is occupied by Argyroupoli, where visitors can see scattered ancient architectural material. Research in the area has unearthed Roman baths, mosaics, sculpted tombs, as well as statues of Aphrodite, Zeus, and Dionysus, which are currently on display at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno.

waterfalls of Argyroupolis

Next to them are the waterfalls of Argyroupolis, which are among the most easily accessible. The water that gushes from the chapel of Agia Dynami forms many small waterfalls and also takes care of the rich vegetation that surrounds them.

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